1. “If the website itself is not a place where prostitution is practiced, encouraged or allowed, and neither is a computer, is the room where the computer is stored?”

    – The prosecution’s argument against the legality of an online sex work message board, 2012 (More on this at my blog-that’s-not-really-a-blog, which I’m refreshing today.)

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  3. Perversion for Profit,” from the mind of the late “moral entrepreneur” Charles Keating, whose post-war anti-porn politics set the model for today’s secular and liberal anti-porn activists.

    Watching this one again as I’m reading historian Whitney Strub’s book, Perversion for Profit (titled in a nod to Keating). From Strub’s reflection on Keating for Salon: "Banning books could be framed as something other than censorship. If a sleazy book with a name like “Lust Agent” is obscene, it has no constitutional claim to free speech. Ipso facto, to suppress it is not to censor it. Or at least, that’s how Keating’s semantic gambit went — and it worked, marvelously. His CDL [Citizens for Decent Literature] rapidly rose from a local Cincinnati group to a national behemoth, easily the nation’s preeminent anti-pornography organization in the 1960s and beyond. Keating stripped the movement against smut of its association with repression and prudery, instead boldly declaring that his cause could be reconciled with a sexually liberated age."

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  5. “It is our intention to make illegal the purchase of sexual services or the communication for the purposes of purchasing sexual services of any person, anywhere, anytime, in Canada, in the light of day, in the darkness of the shadows, inside or outside, wherever you can think of in Canada, up a tree, down a rabbithole, in a beaver den.”

    – Bob Dechert, Canadian parliamentary secretary to the justice minister (Prostitution bill hearings had strong evangelical voice | Toronto Star)

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  7. “Back then, people used to ask why someone would use a camera to transmit to the world, even if it was a cover for saying “I think what you are doing is stupid.” Today, now that everyone under forty seems to have an Instagram account, nobody even goes through the formality of asking why someone might chose to make images or circulate them. They jump immediately to descriptions, or rather prescriptions. Narcissism. Voyeurism. Exhibitionism.When did everyone become a Freudian?”

    – Selfie Lucida, Terri Senft

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  9. This week.

    This week.

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  11. I asked Mr. Kristof a number of questions in an email late last week, including whether he plans to write about this in a column or post. (The Times, on its Op-Ed page, published a strong opinion piece last week by Melissa Gira Grant on this subject, one that is extremely critical of Ms. Mam and the effects of her activism.)

    He told me Monday morning that he had written a “pretty terse” blog post, and published it soon afterwards.

    – Nicholas Kristof Should Give Readers A Full Explanation About Somaly Mam, Margaret Sullivan, New York Times Public Editor

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  13. summer 2k14

    summer 2k14

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  15. “Ms. Mam’s stories were told in interviews with journalists including Nicholas Kristof, an Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times. She attracted high-profile supporters: There were benefits thrown by Susan Sarandon; Sheryl Sandberg, the Facebook chief operating officer, is on the advisory board of her foundation. Ms. Mam’s target audience of well-off Westerners, eager to do good, often knows little about the sex trade. It doesn’t require much for them to imagine all women who sell sex as victims in need of rescue.”

    – The Price of A Sex Slave Rescue Fantasy,” my first op-ed for The New York Times, out today

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