1. "So Alive," Love and Rockets (Love and Rockets, 1989)

    From watching the women older than me (all of them) at Manray, I learned: only bring as much money as you can fit between your chest and the front boning of a corset, only the girls who get paid to can dance on the speakers (and they only get paid in cred). Don’t touch anyone unless you want to be watched, and never on the dance floor. Don’t be surprised when no one looks at you when you dance. They can still see what you want.

    In the winter, wear black velvet coats thrifted from Dollar-A-Pound but by spring you’ll be putting your hand in the sleeve through the lining because they get so roughed up going home so late. In the summer, wear a slip and learn to dance with a lunch box. Or take up with someone else who can.

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